Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Resuscitation of an Old Blog

I have not blogged about GOYARD in a little over three years now but mind you, my love for the brand has not waned in the least.  So it is quite fitting for me to resuscitate it as a new Maison opened its doors in one of America's poshest places to shop, Beverly Hills.

In an age where Snapchat and fading Stories exist, allow me to post photos of the new Rodeo Drive boutique in all its glory.  And for as long as Blogger exists, these photos will live and breathe in the recesses of the Internet's memory.



Maison Goyard
405 N Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills,
CA 90210
+1 (310) 237-5745
Open Daily 10.00am to 6.00pm (Sundays until 5.00pm)

Photos: Goyard Facebook


  1. Hi Francis-Marie

    I am elated that you reopen your blog! I had been a big fan of your blog since years ago.

    3 years is not a short time and during this time, Goyard has indeed changed quite a lot (in terms of popularity and reach of its fans) but not change much (in terms of product range)...

    Anyway, i am looking forward to seeing more blogs from you in the future!


    1. Thanks Alizhan! I know, so much has changed and I see a lot more people carrying them but the brand has still stood its ground of not having e-commerce and the on-line presence still lacking. I guess that’s why we love it. Thank you for still following me! Now if I only can connect the blog to twitter and facebook. I used to be able to do it automatically. Hahahaha.