Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goyard iPhone 4 Case

I have been waiting for this ever since I stood in line for my iPhone 4 almost a year ago. Goyard has now an iPhone 4 case!!! Crafted out of chevron canvas, it clips onto the back of the phone and has a protective cover that is secured by a magnetic closure. Currently it is only available in black. I need to call the boutique tomorrow and find out if it is already available in the US.

UPDATE: I called the SF Boutique and the SA I talked to said that it is slated to be released sometime in October. Also, that the price would be around $850. WHAAAAAAT???!!!! I do hope she made a mistake thinking I was asking for an iPad case. But who knows?!


  1. Please let us know your findings in regards to the case.

  2. I think the price SF quoted is correct. Just spoke to the Paris boutique and the iPad 1 (available in black or red) cover is 1275€ (US$1830). They will not make a iPad 2 cover and the iPhone 4 cover are no longer available.